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Monday, October 7, 2013

SARG dan LightSquid Untuk Monitor Traffic IPCOP

SARG untuk IPCOP bisa Anda dapatkan filenya di sini.

Tapi berdasarkan pengalaman SARG yang berformat html bisa membuat HDD penuh sesak sampai full gak ada sisa kalo space HDD kecil.

Karena itu saya lebih suka menggunakan Lighsquid untuk memonitoring traffic IPCOP.

LightSquid – lite and fast log analizer for squid proxy

If you use SQUID, some time your want see how your user eat traffic

IPCOP : Lightsquid IPCOP Installation
Download Lightsquid from: http://lightsquid.sourceforge.net/Index2.html

1. Extract by tar zxvf lightsquid-1.8.tgz into the path /home/httpd/html/

2. cd /home/httpd/html/lightsquid

3. chmod +x *.cgi
chmod +x *.pl

4. Modify file lightsquid.cfg by

#path to additional `cfg` files
$cfgpath ="/home/httpd/html/lightsquid";
#path to `tpl` folder
$tplpath ="/home/httpd/html/lightsquid/tpl";
#path to `lang` folder
$langpath ="/home/httpd/html/lightsquid/lang";
#path to `report` folder
$reportpath ="/home/httpd/html/lightsquid/report";
#path to access.log
$logpath ="/var/log/squid";
#path to `ip2name` folder
$ip2namepath ="/home/httpd/html/lightsquid/ip2name";

5. Test run by

6. Access to ipcop web by http://[ipcopname or ip]:81 -or- https://[ipcopname or ip]:445]/lightsquid/

7. You can set cron for schedule run by command
This example will execute parser every 20 minutes
> fcrontab -e
add line to end of file

*/20 * * * * /home/httpd/html/lightsquid/lightparser.pl

Untuk panduan lebih lanjut di sini : http://lightsquid.sourceforge.net/How%20It%20Work.html

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